Pastel Pet Portraits


Moira's StudioI was born in Zambia and I lived much of my life in Africa – Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa. We left in 2000 to go to the UK where we spent the next six years. In 2007 my Australian husband decided it was time to come home to Australia, and we are now living in Cairns.

As a life-long vegetarian / vegan and supporter of animal-rights, animals have always played an enormously important part in my life. This is reflected in the work I do.  When doing a painting I have two goals: One is to get as accurate a likeness as possible. The other is to capture the soul and the very essence of the subject.

I have been privileged to have been owned by a number of dogs, cats and rabbits over the years - I could not imagine life without at least one non-human around me.

I specialise in animals and wildlife, but I do other subjects as well. See portfolio.

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